What does the multiple mini interview have to offer over the panel interview? Allan Pau, Yu Sui Chen, Verna Kar Mun Lee, Chew Fei Sow, Ranjit De Alwis
The effectiveness of e-learning in pediatric medical student education Rima Khasawneh, Kari Simonsen, Jessica Snowden, Joy Higgins, Gary Beck
Cultural humility: treating the patient, not the illness Sunila J. Prasad, Pooja Nair, Karishma Gadhvi, Ishani Barai, Hiba Saleem Danish, Aaron B. Philip
Implementing competency based admissions at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Noreen Kerrigan, Myles H. Akabas, Thomas F. Betzler, Maria Castaldi, Mary S. Kelly, Adam S. Levy, Michael J. Reichgott, Louise Ruberman, Siobhan M. Dolan
Curricular integration of social medicine: a prospective for medical educators Allison A. Vanderbilt, Reginald F. Baugh, Patricia A. Hogue, Julie A. Brennan, Imran I. Ali
The clinical relevance of physical activity education in medical school Shaan Rashid, Omer A. Jamall, Sheeraz Iqbal, Abeer F. Rizvi, Osman Nayeem, A.M. Hameed Khan
Medical student plagiarism in problem-based learning courses Kyong-Jee Kim, Jee Young Hwang, Dong-Wook Lee, Min-Sung Shim
Interprofessional collaboration: three best practice models of interprofessional education Diane R. Bridges, Richard A. Davidson, Peggy Soule Odegard, Ian V. Maki, John Tomkowiak
‘Uncrunching’ time: medical schools’ use of social media for faculty development Peter S. Cahn, Emelia J. Benjamin, Christopher W. Shanahan
Embodied health: the effects of a mind-body course for medical students Allison R. Bond, Heather F. Mason, Chelsey M. Lemaster, Stephanie E. Shaw, Caroline S. Mullin, Emily A. Holick, Robert B. Saper
Criterion validity of a competency-based assessment center in medical education - a 4-year follow-up study Thomas Rotthoff, Martin S. Ostapczuk, Klaus D. Kröncke, Alexander Zimmerhofer, Ulrich Decking, Matthias Schneider, Stefanie Ritz-Timme
Behaviour and burnout in medical students Jo Cecil, Calum McHale, Jo Hart, Anita Laidlaw
Residency Selection Criteria: What Medical Students Perceive as Important Suzanne Brandenburg, Tracy Kruzick, C.T. Lin, Andrew Robinson, Lorraine J. Adams

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