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Elective courses for medical students during the preclinical curriculum: a systematic review and evaluation Ankit Agarwal, Stephanie Wong, Suzanne Sarfaty, Anand Devaiah, Ariel E. Hirsch
Progress testing 2.0: clinical skills meets necessary science Jonathan Gold, Robin DeMuth, Brian Mavis, Dianne Wagner
Telephone calls to patients after discharge from the hospital: an important part of transitions of care Janet D. Record, Ashwini Niranjan-Azadi, Colleen Christmas, Laura A. Hanyok, Cynthia S. Rand, David B. Hellmann, Roy C. Ziegelstein
What are the implications of implementation science for medical education? David W. Price, Dianne P. Wagner, N. Kevin Krane, Steven C. Rougas, Nancy R. Lowitt, Regina S. Offodile, L. Jane Easdown, Mark A.W. Andrews, Charles M. Kodner, Monica Lypson, Barbara E. Barnes
Health disparities and underserved populations: a potential solution, medical school partnerships with free clinics to improve curriculum Lynn M. VanderWielen, Allison A. Vanderbilt, Steven H. Crossman, Sallie D. Mayer, Alexander S. Enurah, Samuel S. Gordon, Melissa K. Bradner
The educational value of ward rounds for junior trainees Faidon-Marios Laskaratos, Deirdre Wallace, Despoina Gkotsi, Aine Burns, Owen Epstein
Brazilian medical students’ perceptions of expert versus non-expert facilitators in a (non) problem-based learning environment Lucélio B. Couto, Reinaldo B. Bestetti, Carolina B. A. Restini, Milton Faria-Jr, Gustavo S. Romão
Interprofessional collaboration: three best practice models of interprofessional education Diane R. Bridges, Richard A. Davidson, Peggy Soule Odegard, Ian V. Maki, John Tomkowiak
‘Uncrunching’ time: medical schools’ use of social media for faculty development Peter S. Cahn, Emelia J. Benjamin, Christopher W. Shanahan
Residency Selection Criteria: What Medical Students Perceive as Important Suzanne Brandenburg, Tracy Kruzick, C.T. Lin, Andrew Robinson, Lorraine J. Adams
Does mentoring matter: results from a survey of faculty mentees at a large health sciences university Mitchell D. Feldman, Patricia A. Arean, Sally J. Marshall, Mark Lovett, Patricia O'Sullivan
An analysis of clinical reasoning through a recent and comprehensive approach: the dual-process theory Thierry Pelaccia, Jacques Tardif, Emmanuel Triby, Bernard Charlin
Social media policies at US medical schools Terry Kind, Gillian Genrich, Avneet Sodhi, Katherine C. Chretien
Embodied health: the effects of a mind-body course for medical students Allison R. Bond, Heather F. Mason, Chelsey M. Lemaster, Stephanie E. Shaw, Caroline S. Mullin, Emily A. Holick, Robert B. Saper

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