Thinking about thinking: changes in first-year medical students’ metacognition and its relation to performance Wei Han Hong, Jamunarani Vadivelu, Esther Gnanamalar Sarojini Daniel, Joong Hiong Sim
Does emotional intelligence predict breaking bad news skills in pediatric interns? A pilot study Suzanne Reed, Karyn Kassis, Rollin Nagel, Nicole Verbeck, John D. Mahan, Richard Shell
Tackling student neurophobia in neurosciences block with team-based learning Khurshid Anwar, Abdul A. Shaikh, Muhammad R. Sajid, Peter Cahusac, Norah A. Alarifi, Ahlam Al Shedoukhy
Development of global health education at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: a student-driven initiative Dane Moran, Jill Edwardson, Charles Nicholas Cuneo, Sean Tackett, James Aluri, Antony Kironji, Jacob Cox, Bryn Carroll, Erina Lie, Mariam Fofana, Robert C. Bollinger, Roy C. Ziegelstein, Chi C.G. Chen
Tools to investigate how interprofessional education activities link to competencies Courtney West, Michael Veronin, Karen Landry, Terri Kurz, Bree Watzak, Barbara Quiram, Lori Graham
Stress and burnout among critical care fellows: preliminary evaluation of an educational intervention Kianoush Kashani, Perliveh Carrera, Alice Gallo De Moraes, Amit Sood, James A. Onigkeit, Kannan Ramar
Assessing medical student empathy in a family medicine clinical test: validity of the CARE measure Julie Y. Chen, Weng Y. Chin, Colman S.C. Fung, Carlos K.H. Wong, Joyce P.Y. Tsang
Interprofessional collaboration: three best practice models of interprofessional education Diane R. Bridges, Richard A. Davidson, Peggy Soule Odegard, Ian V. Maki, John Tomkowiak
‘Uncrunching’ time: medical schools’ use of social media for faculty development Peter S. Cahn, Emelia J. Benjamin, Christopher W. Shanahan
Residency Selection Criteria: What Medical Students Perceive as Important Suzanne Brandenburg, Tracy Kruzick, C.T. Lin, Andrew Robinson, Lorraine J. Adams
An analysis of clinical reasoning through a recent and comprehensive approach: the dual-process theory Thierry Pelaccia, Jacques Tardif, Emmanuel Triby, Bernard Charlin
Does mentoring matter: results from a survey of faculty mentees at a large health sciences university Mitchell D. Feldman, Patricia A. Arean, Sally J. Marshall, Mark Lovett, Patricia O'Sullivan
Social media policies at US medical schools Terry Kind, Gillian Genrich, Avneet Sodhi, Katherine C. Chretien

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