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Does academic assessment system type affect levels of academic stress in medical students? A cross-sectional study from Pakistan Madiha Ali, Hamna Asim, Ahmed Iqbal Edhi, Muhammad Daniyal Hashmi, Muhammad Shahjahan Khan, Farah Naz, Kanza Noor Qaiser, Sidra Masud Qureshi, Mohammad Faizan Zahid, Imtiaz Jehan
The Impact of Exposure to Shift-Based Schedules on Medical Students David A. Williams, Jennifer R. Kogan, Karen E. Hauer, Traci Yamashita, Eva M. Aagaard
Supporting the minority physician pipeline: providing global health experiences to undergraduate students in the United States-Mexico border region Jose L. Burgos, Daniel Yee, Thomas Csordas, Adriana C. Vargas-Ojeda, Luis A. Segovia, Steffanie A. Strathdee, Jose A. Olivares-Nevarez, Victoria D. Ojeda
Enhancing pediatric residents’ scholar role: the development of a Scholarly Activity Guidance and Evaluation program Catherine M. Pound, Katherine A. Moreau, Natalie Ward, Kaylee Eady, Hilary Writer
Peer-assisted teaching of basic surgical skills Ryan Preece, Emily Clare Dickinson, Mohamed Sherif, Yousef Ibrahim, Ann Susan Ninan, Laxmi Aildasani, Sartaj Ahmed, Philip Smith
Interprofessional collaboration: three best practice models of interprofessional education Diane R. Bridges, Richard A. Davidson, Peggy Soule Odegard, Ian V. Maki, John Tomkowiak
‘Uncrunching’ time: medical schools’ use of social media for faculty development Peter S. Cahn, Emelia J. Benjamin, Christopher W. Shanahan
Residency Selection Criteria: What Medical Students Perceive as Important Suzanne Brandenburg, Tracy Kruzick, C.T. Lin, Andrew Robinson, Lorraine J. Adams
Does mentoring matter: results from a survey of faculty mentees at a large health sciences university Mitchell D. Feldman, Patricia A. Arean, Sally J. Marshall, Mark Lovett, Patricia O'Sullivan
An analysis of clinical reasoning through a recent and comprehensive approach: the dual-process theory Thierry Pelaccia, Jacques Tardif, Emmanuel Triby, Bernard Charlin
Social media policies at US medical schools Terry Kind, Gillian Genrich, Avneet Sodhi, Katherine C. Chretien
Embodied health: the effects of a mind-body course for medical students Allison R. Bond, Heather F. Mason, Chelsey M. Lemaster, Stephanie E. Shaw, Caroline S. Mullin, Emily A. Holick, Robert B. Saper

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